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Tips For Preparing Your Child For A Lifetime Of Learning

Learning is a lifetime process that starts from the moment we are born.  When we are young children the ability to look at the world with open eyes and wonder is a remarkable thing that is quickly lost if not swept up and encouraged.  This is where sammamish private schools come into play with your child’s education. 

Encourage learning

The key to success in life is to encourage learning.  When a child is encouraged to learn they will seek out questions to be answered and not accept the standard canned response many receive.  To encourage learning, the first thing that you can do is present something to a child that draws their attention, for example, popping a balloon in class. 

If a teacher has all of the students working on a project and then all of a sudden start popping balloons, their attention will be drawn towards the teacher.  After a short period of laughing and astonishment the teacher should then ask a question.  “Why did the balloon make a noise when I popped it?”  This question will then lead to a discussion which will draw your child into learning.

Show examples

Telling a child something rarely works.  In many cases when you tell a child something it goes in one ear and out the other.  However, when you make classes interactive then the student is engaged and focused on learning and understanding a problem.

sammamish private schools

Encourage questions

When teaching, encouraging a student to answer questions is good, however, you will get a more engaging class if you encourage your students to ask questions and then seek out the answers.  This path of self-discovery and exploration is what allows the brain of a child to learn and explore.  The more that you can encourage your child to do this the greater their chance will be for a meaningful education.